“Today I felt such calm after my forest bathing walk. It was a wonderful way to ‘drop out’ of my stressful life and focus on the beauty of the forest. I especially enjoyed the slow pace.  Phyllis is a skilled, empathetic and compassionate guide.”

Astrid P.

“I was curious to learn about Forest Bathing since I heard an NPR interview about the practice that sounded interesting. I signed up for a walk in Piedmont Park with Phyllis and I noticed things in the park that I had never noticed in the 50 years I had been walking the same paths. Besides being so much calmer at the end of the walk I also felt that I learned some wonderful ways to observe nature.”  

Julia E.

“After only one walk I feel that I have become so much more aware of using my different senses. The sounds and smells of the forest are so intoxicating. Thanks Phyllis, you have shown me how to really notice my surroundings, especially when I am in nature.”

Michael A.

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