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How Can Nature Help Support Happiness In Pursuit Of Our Goals?

A couple of years ago, I stopped making the usual expected New Year’s resolutions. Losing weight, making time with my family, spending less money, being more positive, they’d all last maybe a few weeks, months if I was lucky. So I decided to make a different kind of...

Photography Showcase: Nature Immersion

Looking at the work of Cara MacNally, I find myself inspired to embrace a spirit of peace and serenity which can be found in mankind’s deep, rooted connection to nature. Allow yourself to be swept away by the lush, green Welsh Landscape, celebrated by images of...

What is Reciprocity?

You hear the testimonials of nature lovers, speaking over and over about a “connection” to nature. I found it interesting, in this article, how Tam, describes this working two-way relationship with a tree. At first I’m thinking, “a tree hugger, in the literal sense”,...

Ways To Boost Your Creativity And Vitality By Playing In Nature

I never realized that getting in touch with your inner child could have more benefits than you may realize. Taking time to simply let loose and play, especially while outdoors, enhances more than just your joie de vivre. It is scientifically proven to reduce both...

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