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My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing9 hours ago
Did you know taking a walk in a forest can actually help your body fight infections and even tumors?
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing1 day ago
This is a fantastic look at forest bathing, and the real benefits can have for just about anyone.
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing4 days ago
The very breath in our lungs is all thanks to trees, so let’s thank them by conserving the forests around the world.
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing5 days ago
Shirin-yoku is wonderful for the mood and mind, but the benefits don't just stop there. Studies have displayed a wide array of benefits especially as it relates to cardiovascular and immune system health. The forest can heal your mind as well as your body!
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing7 days ago
In forest bathing, the forest is the therapist, I'm just a guide. When you open your senses and your mind, you'll be amazed at how the natural world can whisk your worries and stress away.
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing1 week ago
People spending time in hospitals have been found to need fewer painkillers if they have a green view, or view of nature from their rooms. Even looking at trees relaxes us!

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