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My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing18 hours ago
Wonderful to hear more people are encouraging others and their children to spend more time outdoors!
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing2 days ago
The continuous attention humans must maintain in modern society can tax our brains and leave us fatigued. Our contact with nature allows for our subconscious to become more active, recharging and relaxing our brains.
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing5 days ago
"Ah dear nature—the mere remembrance, after a short forgetfulness, of the pine woods! I come to it as a hungry man to a crust of bread." ~ Henry David Thoreau
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing6 days ago
This is a wonderful look at forest bathing with some first-hand accounts of the experience!
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing7 days ago
Trees make up such an integral part of our lives, even if we aren't aware of it. This book dedicated to them is a lovely show of gratitude for all nature provides for us!
My Forest Bathing
My Forest Bathing1 week ago
If you're skeptical about forest bathing, this is one woman's account of her first forest bathing experience that might change your mind!

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